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Dear Customers, Our company has been servicing as a 21 year old production firm for many different sectors both in local and global markets, a consultant for R&D, export and production firm in Natural Beauty and Health products with a cosmetic product portfolio. Biocharm and Plenty combines the scientific novelties in skin cosmetics with the natural sources and by this way renew your skin and enhance its natural beauty. The time passed pollution in air, stress, the free radicals, UV harmful rays, dieting disorders and ignored skin care or misusages are the important factors causing the aging of the skin progress more quickly. The first step to have an alive and healthy skin is to clean it in the right way. Even though you don’t put on makeup, everyday in the morning you need to clean your skin using a suitable cleanser to your skin type. The dirt causing your skin to look like pale and prevent it to breathe should be cleaned away in order to supply enough oxygen for your skin. Biocharm presents you with the correct cleanser series supported with herbal essences and vitamins suitable for each skin type. The healing and relaxing effect of magical Spa minerals, rich vitamins, amino-acids, sea leaf essences supplying minerals, natural fruit essences and multi vitamins are combined all together. As a result a BioCharm product with Anti-Aging formula skin care masks were presented to our customers. BioCharm Natural body care masks have firming, anti-cellulite, smoothing and slimming formulas as well as formulas for rheumatism pains (Aroma Therapy). These special formulas are very effective and natural masks. Several sea grass essences, special herbal extract complexes, vitamins and Spa minerals are included in these unique formulas. The skin problems for modern times are : spots on the face, hair lost, foot odor, and the Acnes. Anti-Acne, Nutri-Hair, Foot Care Fluid and Foot Talk are the products for effective solution to these problems. Plenty Body Care Salts are meeting your body with effective power of sea and lake minerals supported with rich herbal essences in Anti-Stress, Anti-Cellulite and Aroma Therapy products. BioCharm presents extremely effective and powerful Anti-Aging skin care in skin care fluid and serums combining the Anti-Aging formulas with oxygen intake enriching herbal essences for ever type of skin. BioCharm gives you stunning beauty in every age in your life. Nurlife Cosmetic Industry Natural-Health & Beauty Products.



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